Weight stigma affects people of all body sizes.

Weight stigma

People with high body weight face judgement, prejudice, and unfair treatment in their daily lives due to societal misconceptions and stereotypes.1

Video presentation by Rebecca Puhl titled What Is Weight Stigma

What is weight stigma?

An explanation of weight stigma, where it comes from, and how it can be recognized.

Diagram of a human body demonstrating the pathophysiology of obesity

The pathophysiology of obesity

A review of the complexities of the pathophysiology underlying obesity.

The etiology of obesity is often oversimplified, with excess weight viewed as a character flaw or the result of poor willpower. These misconceptions and stereotypes reinforce weight stigmatization. As body mass index increases, people are more likely to experience weight stigma.1

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Test your knowledge of weight stigma

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Test your knowledge of obesity pathophysiology

What is weight stigma?

Facts about societal weight stigma, including prevalence, where weight stigma occurs, and who is affected by weight stigma.


Handout showing the definition and prevalence of weight stigma.
Handout showing the role of the brain and other factors in body weight regulation

Obesity pathophysiology

An overview of pathophysiology and the multi-factorial origins of obesity.



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