Clinicians at table talk about why a patient has been avoiding healthcare

Weight stigma in healthcare

When weight bias is present in healthcare, it creates barriers to effective patient care, including avoidance of healthcare.

Video by Rebecca Puhl about recognizing weight bias in healthcare.

Weight stigma in healthcare

A summary of weight stigma in healthcare and how this creates barriers for effective patient care.

Podcast by Rebecca Puhl about how weight stigma affects the delivery of patient care

How does weight stigma affect healthcare delivery?

In the healthcare setting, weight stigma negatively affects delivery of patient care.

How does weight stigma affect patient care?

Examples of weight-stigmatizing communication in healthcare and its impact on patient care, along with strategies to mitigate these challenges.


Handout about weight stigma creating barriers to patient care
Handout about how weight discrimination impacts patients regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.

Intersectional stigma

Why being aware of weight stigma among minoritized communities is important, including the need to consider the health risks and consequences of intersectional stigma.


Video with Patty Nece sharing insights into weight discrimination

A patient’s perspective of weight bias: Insights from Patty Nece

Patty describes what it is like to be a patient experiencing weight stigma in the healthcare setting.

Video with Dr. Jaime Almandoz sharing how weight bias hinders healthcare

How weight bias hinders healthcare: Observations from Dr. Jaime Almandoz, M.D.

A discussion with Dr. Jaime Almandoz, M.D., Associate Professor, Department of Internal Medicine, & Division of Endocrinology, UT Southwestern Medical Center.

Guided self-reflection on the impact of weight stigma

Guided self-reflection on weight stigma in healthcare

Become more aware of your views about body size, interactions with patients, and strategies for ongoing, reflective practice.

The impact of weight stigma on healthcare

The impact of weight stigma on healthcare, highlighting how weight biases in healthcare professionals negatively impact patient reactions and care.


Infogram showing patient reactions to weight bias.

Weight stigma reduces the quality of care for patients with high weight. Patients' experiences of stigma may leave them feeling judged, shamed, and misunderstood, leading to mistrust of healthcare professionals and even healthcare avoidance.1

Knowledge Check about weight stigma in healthcare

Test your knowledge on weight stigma in healthcare

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